The Ultimate Suite of
Creative AI Tools

DiffusionBee is the fastest and easiest toolbox to run AI apps locally with Stable Diffusion

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Run cutting-edge AI tools locally

DiffusionBee comes with all cutting-edge AI art tools in one easy-to-use package.

Text to Image

Create stunning images from text prompts with ease.

Generative Fill

Effortlessly add or remove objects in selected regions of your images.

Video Tools

Utilize a variety of tools to generate animations and videos using AI.

Image To Image

Transform your existing images using text prompts.

Image Upscaler

Enhance image quality by making them sharper and higher resolution with AI.

Image Variants

Generate several variants of your images.

Train Models

Train custom models on your dataset.

Control Images

Create images with a specific structure using control images.

Illusion Generator

Craft amazing illusions using AI.

Create stunning art in seconds.

Unlock your imagination with the advanced AI canvas

DiffusionBee empowers your creativity by providing tools to generate stunning AI art in seconds. The AI canvas serves as your co-pilot, seamlessly blending human creativity with AI capabilities. It lets you generate and edit images using prompts and human drawing. It’s easy to use and the results are stunning.

Train models on your data

DiffusionBee lets you train your image generation models using your own images. You can build custom models with just a few clicks, all 100% locally. This can be used to generate images featuring specific objects, people, or styles.

DiffusionBee runs 100% offline and lets you own your AI

DiffusionBee runs generative AI locally on your computer. Your prompts, models and generated images never leave your device.

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